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CONSTRUCTING FUTURES: Work Experience Initiative

We established it to help graduates, undergraduates and people wanting to return to the construction and civil engineering industry in Scotland. 

There’s a perception that people from these groups lack the knowledge and experience or value to the construction industry, but Constructing Futures has so far demonstrated that’s far from the truth. Since it was launch in 2015, we’ve placed over 40 people, a third of whom have gone on to establish permanent careers after their work placement.

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How the programme works

As an established recruiter for the industry, we’ve got strong relationships with our construction and civil engineering clients. So we work with them to find work experience opportunities for voluntary shadow placement roles. This experience helps people:

  • Acquaint themselves with current practices.
  • Gain an understanding of working life.
  • Build up career advice.
  • Establish a network of industry contacts to improve their chances of finding work.

What is a Shadow Placement?

The candidate will ‘shadow’ an experienced team member to improve their knowledge/world of work experience.

These enable candidates to gain an understanding of the working environment and enhance their work experience on a part-time, unpaid, basis. They can obtain a stronger grasp of what’s expected from the construction companies in Scotland, while also having time available to undertake paid employment/study. 

Placements are usually 1-2 days per week for 8-10 weeks, although it can be as flexible as both parties want.

Sounds great for the candidate, but how will this help me?

We are all aware of the skills shortage that is affecting construction businesses. Constructing Futures allows us all to help those who would otherwise be lost to the industry, to gain the experience to start their career. 68% of placements have been offered paid employment within the construction and civil engineering sectors.

Is the quality there?

We not only talk to candidates in depth about their career goals and experience. We meet the candidate to ensure we are matching you with the graduate who will gain the most from a work experience placement with you.

We also carry out quality checks to ensure the candidate is ready for placement in the professional environment. Our process includes eligibility checks and facilitating candidates through their CSCS card test before they undertake any site-based activities.

What if I want to employ the candidate?

If you decide our candidate is the right fit for your team and would like to employ them permanently, there is a small fee of £750. This fee is used to help place more candidates into work shadow placements and help fund our initiative. Constructing Futures is a not-for-profit venture.

The benefits for employers

Constructing Futures gives access to talent that could otherwise go undiscovered in an industry that frequently suffers from skill shortages. It’s also a chance to provide people with existing skills and experience the additional knowledge to become the specialist you need.

Becoming a work experience host can give your existing staff short-term supervisor experience; giving you a chance to assess their potential for management too. Helping to boost their confidence in a safe environment and ultimately helping you keep good employees.

Gary Lithgow had a shadow placement at the new Forth Bridge Crossing via Constructing Futures and was offered a fixed-term contract at the end of his placement. He acknowledges that without us, he would likely not have gained the experience or the job opportunity.

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Finally, without wanting to be too warm and fuzzy about this, it’s an opportunity for your company to feel good and give something back to the community. So if you’re interested in helping us help others and support Scotland’s construction and civil engineering industry by offering work experience placements, hit the button below.

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To register a temporary, permanent or fixed term vacancy for any of our services, click the button below.

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We want you to find the right person for the job. So we’re happy to pass on some of our specialist industry knowledge to help you. It’s free, too.

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