So, What's Life Like in New Zealand?


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So, What's Life Like in New Zealand?


Last week, we covered where you might want to relocate to if you are considering New Zealand in the future. This week we're going to tell you a bit more about life after relocating.

Paul Connor, a Senior Quantity Surveyor, and his partner made the move from Glasgow, Scotland to Wellington, New Zealand back in 2014 -

"Coffee and Craft Beer cultures are massive here so socialising in the Central Business District areas is common. Outdoor activities include Sea Kayaking, Hiking, going to the volcanic pools, Fishing and Mountain Biking. The beach is only a 5 minute walk from our front door, so plenty of opportunity for the outdoor lifestyle."

  • New Zealand has a temperate climate much influenced by the seas that surround the country. But being such a long and skinny country, the weather you can expect depends very much on where in New Zealand you are. Winters are warm in the North, but in the South, you can get snow. New Zealand is probably one of the only countries in the world where you can, theoretically, go swimming at the beach and ski down a mountain on the same day!
  • When it comes to natural beauty, New Zealand tops the list. Despite the islands' size, it has an impressive range of landscapes. There are rain-forests, glaciers, mountains, deserts, volcanoes, hot springs… we could go on.
  • New Zealand ranks fourth on the latest Global Peace Index. It has one of the lowest murder rates in the world. One won’t be targeted for their religion. In the event of nuclear war, New Zealand is – both geographically and politically – tucked nicely out of the way.
  • In New Zealand, a person has no fixed place or expectations. There is little of ‘class’ and ideas of ‘dressing to impress’ are largely frowned upon. The wage-gap has closed a lot since the 1980s, but the Kiwi attitude of wealth has nothing to do with a person’s value is still alive.
  • Kiwis tend to define themselves less by their occupation. Living the “work to live” philosophy as opposed to the “live to work” too many people follow elsewhere.

Having visited New Zealand five times in the past few years we understand the way of life there and have built up strong relationships with a range of clients. It's safe to say that we're best placed to advise you about the best companies to suit your previous experience and your desires for your career moving forward.

Click here read more about Paul's experience relocating, including the cost of living, kayaking and the coffee culture.

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